Leak detection

Our equipment show higher flow of water

The problem

Rusted galvanized pipes had burst

Problem Area

We only removed the necessary obstruction to repair the leak


Water Leak detection – Excessive water usage.

Venter Plumbers were called out to a client where the water bill was excessive. Initial checks showed no leaks or visible damage.

How we found the problem.

One of Venter Plumbers specialties is water leak detection. On arrival we used the latest water leak detection equipment available to look for potential leaks. Within twenty minutes the problem area was identified. This allowed our team to repair the leak within close of business.

Even though the problem was in a difficult area, our equipment allowed us to identify the single source of the leak. This saved both time and money and minimal repairs was required.

Venter Plumbers use various way to determine where the water leak is: Most of the time tracer gas shows us exactly where the water leak is.

Tracer gas is mixture of hydrogen 5% and nitrogen 95%.                                                                                              Tracer gas is not toxic or dangerous.

Steps followed when we determine where a leak is using tracer gas:

  1. Site evaluation.Evaluate meter before test
  2. Close of house.
  3. Close of municipal meter.
  4. Inserted tracer gas and made sure the complete main supply was filled.
  5. Do count of gas. We count the ppm that was used to fill main supply.
  6. Do pressure testing in BAR. We evaluate if the pressure drops at any time during the test.
  7. Evaluate the complete system for leaks. Inside and outside.